Our Brand

How it all started

All I’ve ever wanted to do from the time I was little was design and create. With my head in the clouds, I was always dreaming up new designs and ideas. Piper Noble was born out of a need for women entrepreneurs to be able to expand their warm market by carrying and displaying their business in their everyday life. The idea was born out of the thought of working smarter, not harder.

Named after Piper, a year old Havanese puppy, the company is proud to be an official PETA-approved vegan leather brand. Not long after launching in April 2018, Piper Noble was quickly becoming a household name among women in direct sales. The Presentation Totes were getting a reputation for quality, affordability and a very effective tool for increasing sales.

But somewhere along the journey something magical started to take shape. It started to become something more than just handbags. I wanted to start giving back and equipping our fans and customers with more tools for success.

I had an idea to start asking successful business women if they would host a Weekend Instagram Takeover to give our followers inspiration about all things business and juggling a family. That resulted in a kind of organic movement that started forming with women empowering women to be their best.

Real, authentic friendships started forming... friendships with other women in sales, with women who were dynamic and motivating. Women who wanted to lift up other women. I never in my wildest dreams thought that one day I would be heading up my own direct sales company, but like one of my favorite quotes says

Follow your passion; it will lead you to your purpose.

This is such an exciting moment for me personally as I watch our amazing corporate staff and founding ambassadors lead and shape our company into a tribe of women who are defining their own lives and what they want for their families.

I invite you to be a part of this extraordinary group of leaders and join us on this next chapter of the journey.

What we stand for

Piper Noble is a vegan brand therefore there are no animal products used in production. In 2010, the UN reported that the best way to protect the environment is to adopt a vegan/vegetarian diet, given the harmful effects of factory farming.

Various vegan leathers are used in production, the scientific terms are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride). PU is less harmful for the environment than PVC and we make it a point to use it whenever possible. We have recently switched to using TPU (much better for the environment) instead of PVC for our display windows on our bags. We continuously try to improve the standards for all our materials.

We are proud to be an official PETA-approved brand.

We are forever committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in our designs.